Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mom and Dad came down to visit today. I took them to see Rachel's house, then we all went out to eat in the Old Market and walked around the Heartland Park & Lake. It was a nice day for it and we had a good visit too.

I came home and worked on a few more string-piecing blocks & the model for class. I also finished watching the last of Season 6 of the show "24". It was not as good as some of the first ones. It seems they just get more preposterous every year. More and more crazy things happen that make no sense, people who are near death one episode, will be recovered 2 episodes later, which since the show is real time means it is only 2 hours later. I think the writers of the show need to write all the episodes before they start shooting the first, instead of making it up week to week.

Anyway it was a nice weekend, all in all.

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