Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday is back to school day...

Yesterday I started something with some of my vacation fabrics and some geisha girls I had. It is just bits and pieces of asian fabrics with girls and the kimonos which is the main reason I wanted to make something ( I had to buy the geisha girls--they were the last on the bolt & were calling my name). I think it is going to be 3 separate pieces that can be hung together. I will probably do some quilting, then add beading to it, so it may never be finished ( like the Mermaid) as it is hard to know when to stop!

I love my job at school, but it is so nice to have the relaxed summer schedule, too, with only quilting classes to worry about. We had a beginning of the year gathering for all 1100 odd employees of the district. It was nicer that usual, we sat around banquet tables with coffee and rolls. The speeches weren't too long and our new superintendent is actually a motivational speaker. This is her second year, so guess she is not new yet, but she told us today that we saw improvements last year, but our work is not done, we have to try harder this year.....

Once I actually got to school I spent the day putting the library back in order and laminating for the teachers. Tomorrow is our first day of kids, so they will all arrive with new books, clothes and best of all NEW CRAYONS!!! I love the smell of new crayons, and still remember the thrill of it from when I was a kid. The library won't be open for a week or so, as I have to update and enter students and other not so exciting stuff, then I have to do a short orientation with each class. Then we get down to a regular schedule. I have 7 classes that I read to, the rest of the kids just come and go when they need books. It is a great way to do it, though sometimes it gets sort of busy. But I like that. It is never boring, that is for sure.

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Heather said...

Love the geisha girls!

It must be SO fun working at a school library. All those great kid's books to read -- my favorite. lol

Ahh... a new school year begins. Ours is not for another two weeks, but this week is shopping for supplies. Gotta love new crayons! yeah!