Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great class today and more curved pieced blocks

Today's Whirly Girls quilt class went well. Should have some pictures next week of some partially finished quilts.
After I came home I worked on the curved pieced blocks some more.Hopefully I will get the rest sewn together tomorrow so I can start laying them out. I have about 28 to sew together yet.
I stopped sewing to talk to my daughter on the phone, then haven't gotten back to it tonight.(So it is her fault! lol) You can see they are getting darker as I get to the last colors. The last 3 sets are all the darker colors. I am getting anxious to see them laid out and may try some combinations later.


Fiesta said...

Jean, I just love your fabirc choices. They go together so well.

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Hmm . . . I think whatever setbacks I caused by calling on the phone have been far outweighed by my years of encouragement to try split piecing . . .