Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garage Sale Finds & I need HELP!

I bought this fabric with some others last summer when I went to visit my sister in Canada. I would like to find some more if possible, but this fq didn't have the info on the selvage, so I have no idea of mfr. or anything. If you recognize it and could let me know the name, mfr, anything basically, I would be very appreciative! I have been searching all over (pretty futile really, when I know nothing about it) and finally realized that maybe my blogging friends might have the answer!
I went garage sale-ing with my sister yesterday. I don't go much as I work a lot of Sat. and even when I do go I usually give up after a few. She is a champion garage saler....she finds something for someone at every I managed to find some good stuff too since I was with her.Isn't the kitty towel adorable?
I never find bone china tea cups around here. I love the fluted edges on this set.
This tea set is nothing special, really, I just like it because it has an asian flair.
Another bone china tea set. This one is smaller and very pretty... I love them!

I also found a mega amount of legos (I love legos!) for a good price, some books and a few other odds and ends. It was a fun day!


Fiesta said...

you did good Jean. They are lovely.

Angie Kritenbrink said...

My favorite is the one you say is not special.

Susan said...

I wish I could help you with the fabric problem, but it doesn't look familiar to me either.

Your tea cup finds are wonderful...I especially like the one with the scalloped edge!

andsewon said...

On the fabric,maybe contact the fabric shop/quilt shop in Canada for the info.

Love those tea cups!!!

Vivian said...

Great success with your lovely tea set purchases. Each is so unique. I have NEVER found anyone who sold Legos. That's another lucky find.
Can't help with the fabric from my stash, but I've had 100% success (4 out of 4) posting requests on "" and it might work for you.
I realized "Biddy22" I used till today was a silly moniker--no reason to hide my real name. So--now I'm Vivian.

Stephanie D. said...

Sorry, I don't recognize the fabric either, but good luck!

I hit a bunch of garage sales today, too and scored, but different types of things. In the past I have found some lovely teacups and saucers, and was going to get rid of them when I moved, but DD loved them and took them with her.

There is a couple here who make soy candles, and will make them in your container of choice. Apparently they burn cool, and I have seen some really pretty containers. I told DD she should bring the teacups with her when she next visits, and have soy candles made in them. They'd make gorgeous candles.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Love that fabric, hope you can find more. And that kitty towel is fabbo!

Eileen said...

I'm going backwards here, but those tea cups would look so pretty on the table with that runner. :-)