Friday, October 2, 2009

If I don't have a picture can I still post?

I haven't sewn all week. I had classes Monday and Thursday nights, and worked on the table topper pattern Wednesday night. Tomorrow is a UFO Saturday, so everyone just brings a project to work on. It's always a fun day....lots of chatter amidst the sewing. I am trying to have a UFO day once a month to give people a chance to finish up is always fun to start a new one so sometimes the others have to wait. Sound familiar, anyone?

It has been busy and hectic at school too. Lots of changes and work backed up. I usually have to start the year with the things I didn't get finished last year....(sad, but true) and work them in in between kids and classes coming to the library. I have also been doing some weeding so have a cart that is so heavy with books it can't be moved. lol...that is one thing I like about my job, though...I keep busy so the time goes fast.

Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow so I have something more interesting to post!