Thursday, January 7, 2010

Relook at Blogger's Quilt Festival...and...oh yea...snow

Sort of a nice fresh topping of snow we have now. I am not sure how much we got, maybe about 4 -5", but it blew around like crazy. You can sort of see the drifting in the sidewalk. It's kind of funny, it doesn't even seem that deep anymore! Now the temps are falling and it is very cold outside.
 Wish I had somewhere to put these indoors, but there just isn't room in the garage or house. I do have the cushions indoors for the winter...the cats have a new place to sleep in the basement!

 Amy is having a revisit to the Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival, which should be fun seeing as I never did get them all visited in the fall! She is looking for nominations for best quilt, most touching story, or best friend's She has the details on her blog if you want to nominate someone. Since I'm snowed in today, no school! I plan on visiting some. I even revisited mine, as I couldn't remember for sure what I had entered. (sad? yea...) I will check some as I take breaks from working on my patterns for the sampler quilt. Might even get a little sewing in later.


Vivian said...

I HATE WINTER - but pretty photos.

Barb said...

Now that is alot of snow!!

Chris H said...

Good Grief what a lot of snow! How on earth do you drive in that?

Jan said...

OMG on all that snow! Gorgeous photos :)

Quilter Kathy said...

This is the kind of snow we had last year...we are suffering from lack of snow this year :)