Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still working on the house and quilting.....more vacation pix too

One of the things we did while in Seattle was visit the locks in Ballard. It was fascinating to see them work. Here is the lock filling up.
He is ready to go!
This is the water with tiny salmon coming from Lake Washington into the Puget Sounds. The spouts help them make it through safely, though if you are up above, it looks like the force of the water would kill the little buggers. It's interesting to note that the salmon are born here, go off to live their lives in the ocean and then come back to fresh water to spawn.
This is part of the stairs that the fish have to jump up to reach the higher level of water in the lake. They are coming back to spawn. It's intriguing  that they find their way back. You can see a fish jumping in the pic, though it is dark.
Yes they were waiting for me....lol
I finished quilting the sampler this morning, just in time for class tonight...nothing like getting done in the nick of time. Usually I hang these unquilted as I can leave them that way for long periods of time. But sometimes they get stretched out of shape so I have decided to try to get them all quilted, starting with the newer ones.
You are supposed to seal the grout between the tiles about a week after they are installed. With my painting and then vacation, I didn't get it done, so that is what is next on the list to do. I hung moulding in the purple bathroom too, which is not that great, as this was my first attempt. But it looks better than before and hopefully after I fill the holes and paint over it, it will look ok. My sister told me that you can work miracles with filler! We'll see!