Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little too much excitement, but hopefully back to normal!

 I received my giveaway prize from JoJo's Quilt Shoppe yesterday. What fun, I spread them out this morning so to better enjoy each and every beautiful fabric. Wow is all I have to say! Now what should I make with these.....
 As you can see some are the animals from the park, some the florals, and some just plain fun!

We had a little too much excitement on Christmas. My dad fainted while we were preparing to eat. So we went to a local hospital to have him checked out. They referred us on to Creighton Hospital in Omaha. He has had most every test known to man, and about 10 Drs. conferring!  We are thankful he did not have a stroke or heart attack. They think it was a side effect to some medicine he started back in Aug. So they have changed 2 meds and he got to go home yesterday. He has felt good throughout his stay in hospital, no more fainting. So now we wait and see, I guess. My dad is an active 86 yr. old, so pretty much keeps on!

I plan on getting back to sewing today, need to finish the spiderweb stringpiecing today. I just want to add a piano key border. I have many strips pieced at this point, just need to cut them into sections and sew them to the quilt.


Diana Symanowicz said...

Jean - I was thinking about your dad. I'm so glad he is home and feeling better. I bet you slept better last night.

Still totally love the spider web string piece. What a great twist.

Have a quilty day.

Rach said...

Those new fabrics are pretty!

Karen said...

Glad your dad is doing OK. You'll have fun with those new fabrics!

Vivian said...

The new fabrics are exciting -- you'll find just the perfect project for them.
A piano key border for your spiderweb Q top sounds perfect.
So glad that your Dad is doing better. Being near a good medical facility is comforting when all that excitement happens.
Happy New Year, Jean -- to you and yours.

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

Nice fabrics. I hope your dad is still doing better. Happy New Year, to you.