Sunday, May 29, 2011

More diamonds

A few weeks ago I started cutting  diamonds to make 9 patch diamond blocks. The pattern is St Marks and is in Kaffe Fassett's book Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts. The past few weeks have been busy with classes, packing at school and other not so fun things, so I haven't gotten too much sewing done. I did manage to get a few more diamonds cut, though. Here are a few of the groups that MIGHT go together.
 For this quilt, you need to have dark, medium, light and a light/medium. Of course. figuring out dark and light is pretty easy, though a lot depends on what it is next to. But those mediums are tricky sometimes. I picked out a pile of fabrics to cut, and after I cut and played with some of the mediums, I decided they were lights. I also decided that some of them might be too busy, too much variation of color in one diamond. So even though some of the colors were medium, it was too busy to tell.
 Here are some more I cut. I decided I need to get some more mediums, some that don't have a lot of colors in each fabric.More tone on tone.
I found a few yesterday...  I ended up getting a few darks too.
The orange and white polka dots? They are just for fun...I couldn't resist.

I worked most of the day yesterday recovering and rehanging the fabric boards on the wall in the classroom at the store. They look so much better. I forgot to take my camera, but will take some pix soon.  I don't have any classes until the Twisterweave Mystery class begins on June 11, but I might run in just to take some pix!

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