Monday, May 2, 2011

A teeny tiny Jigsaw Puzzle quilt and a package in the mail!

 Darlis stopped in the other day with her Jigsaw Puzzle quilt made with teeny tiny pieces.....there are somewhere in the vicinity of 500 puzzle pieces. She used some 1" strips she had purchased online.
 My winnings came from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works. They are so pretty....not sure what I will do with them yet....for now just admire!
 I love the scrolls and colors.
It is so much fun to win! Thanks Jackie!

I finished quilting the Twisterweave Mystery Quilt Sunday. This was the first time I used this panto. I love how it quilted. Some pictures soon.

Tonight I finished sewing together the 12 diamonds I cut on Saturday. I like them. Now need to cut out some more!


Fiesta said...

lovely fabrics Jean.

Toni said...

Oh my, all those TINY pieces in that puzzle quilt!! WOW!

You lucky gal you, what beautiful fabrics to add to your stash!

Barb said...

What an amazing quilt...and congrats on the win!!

Rosa said...

what a fun quilt,Congratulations on the ein.that fabrics are beautiful.

Karen said...

I feel like I made a preschool puzzle and Darlis made a 1,000 piece puzzle. Amazing what the size of the strip can do. Way Cool Darlis!

Vivian said...

You'll have fun with those gorgeous fabrics you won.
Congrat's to Darlis for creating the most wonderful jigsaw puzzle quilt I've ever seen. WOW!

Selvage Quilter said...

Wow, I love that puzzle quilt!
Nice fabrics from Jackie too.
Lots of inspiration here. Thanks.