Monday, September 5, 2011

I love long weekends, don't you?

 I quilted this smallish (45" sq.) today. I have used it as a model for a string-piecing class I teach, but it had never been quilted. I am teaching it again in late October, so thought I would get it quilted before I hang it at the store. The dark strips might look like I can't match up very well, but in this version, you put a darker one through the middle, not actually lining up perfectly, so you get the illusion of blocks.

I really like to string-piece...such a fun and low maintenance type of piecing. No worries about matching, no tedious squaring up!

 This is the back. It is actually a dark blue check, looks sort of brown in the picture.  I thought using this panto would spice up the design a bit. Besides, I really love it!
I used Signature Victorian variegated thread for this is not exactly pastel, but not bright. I love it for colors like these.

I am going to use the back fabric for the binding so I am off to make some binding. Have a great holiday!


Quilter Kathy said...

I do love long weekends! Great quilt finish!

Karen said...

Very nice quilting. And soon you'll have a finished quilt. :-)

Diana Symanowicz said...

Love the panto. Love the quilt.

cookie said...

long weekends are the best. I love your quilting.