Monday, October 3, 2011

More awesome quilts and a quilted yurt!

 I love the technique that was used to make this quilt. Very similiar to the Spinning Hexagon I made, only she started with squares.

 There was a Sunbonnet Sue exhibit! She was so cute in many nationalities!

This Quilted Yurt from  Scottish artist Linzi Upton was very interesting.
 There were quilts inside and out. She had to commission a new frame be built for the show because it would be too costly to ship the original frame.
 I think she did some lectures and a class or two while in Des Moines. You can read about the yurt on her website. She has a blog there as well.

 Very interesting idea and quilts. She had some help making some of the quilt panels.
 Check out her website and blog...interesting reads!

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go. Monday always seems to find me.


farmersdotter said...

Good to see you guys at the show! I don't know how I missed the Quilted Gurt...looks interesting. I didn't get to get out of my booth much, I guess!

Vivian said...

Where in the world was the yurt?! I was in town with a busload of ladies and not one mentioned it on the ride home. Bummer! It looks like a fascinating exhibit. Sorry I missed it.

cookie said...

Thanks for the great pictures.
very interesting Yurt. I will go check her website. Thanks for posting about it.


Fiesta said...

Very interesting Jean. I love the international Sue Bonnets. Thanks for sharing the pics.