Monday, November 21, 2011

A cutie pie for sure!

 It was a crazy busy week, probably not the best week to have a new kitty. But things are going well with him. Smokey is still hissing a bit, but she is getting used to him. I had been keeping him in a spare room when I'm not home and at night, but last night I left his door open, so he could go back and forth. I plan on doing that tonight too.
 He found a comfy spot to curl up in...Smokey doesn't seem too worried at this point. He really is a good natured cat and very lovable!
Lots of ladies did lots of sewing Saturday during the UFO Saturday class. It was fun! I worked on the baby Twister quilt today. I have the twister blocks cut and sewn into rows. I was going to sew a bit more, but Conrad wanted to cuddle, so I couldn't.

Only two days of work this week, a sampler class on Tuesday night  and then a loooooooooooooong weekend. Can't wait!


Barb said...

Cute for sure..... Enjoy your long week-end!!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Just like my dogs it is obviously a tough life for pets in your house! Give them both a scratch for me!

Millie said...

oh yeah! He's sixteen kinds of adorable!

Fiesta said...

Enjoy your time off Jean. Tomorrow is my last day too. Happy holidays