Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday Twister class and more sewing...

  I love to see the before and after pictures of the Twister quilts.
A few ladies couldn't make yesterday's class, so we will have to wait to see their quilts, but here are a few.

 I love that they are hanging the same way in this one!
She used the Lil Twister, because she is making it for a baby quilt. 
It is turning out so cute! I hope they will all send me pix when they are finished!

I got all the Tumbling Blocks sewn together.... I'm doing the happy dance! Now for some borders.

Is it just me, or does it sometimes seem like time slows down in the middle of the project? Like you might never get it finished? It does for me sometimes. It's not that I don't want to finish, or that I lose interest, but I want it finished so I can go on, I guess.  The Tumbling Blocks have  a lot of seams to match, it seems like you spend more time pinning. I guess if I were making blocks, and then putting them together, it might work out the same as you pin those as you make them. I really like how this is turning out, though, and hope to have a picture to show by tomorrow.

Back to it!


Heather said...

Those twister quilts are so cool! Great job, ladies! :o) Good luck finishing your tumbling blocks, Jean. I know exactly the feeling you described. lol

Judi said...

love the twister quilts. I picked up a ruler to make one using 2.5" squares when I get a chance.

Vivian said...

The twister quilts are great fun, whether made by a beginner or an experienced quilter. They look so much more complicated than they are, and that's half the fun.
Nice quilts!