Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another letter project finished!

 Here are the letters in one of the arrangements I tried. I hadn't trimmed them yet in this picture. I kept moving that cake around and just couldn't decide exactly where to put it.

 I finally decided on this layout.
I used white thread and a meandering stitch to quilt it and pink for the binding.
 I had a piece of the cupcake fabric left that was almost big enough for the back, so I decided to add white to make it work. I will use it as a wallhanging or topper, so it doesn't really matter what is on the back. Only had one little problem when I put it on the quilting frame.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's magical what asterisks can do

 Here are a few other things I made for my project. I can't resist making asterisks! They are so cute and add an element of fun...or maybe I am just addicted. I worked all day on it yesterday.
I'd show you the border, but that would give it away. I already gave you a big hint. If you want to guess, please email me at quiltinjeanie@yahoo.com.
Sunday afternoon naptime...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wanna buy a vowel?

 Working on a new free pieced letter project. Even though there is a J, this one has nothing to do with my name. I want to teach a class using Tonya Ricucci's book Word Play Quilts, so I decided to make a small project to get them started. I haven't trimmed the letters yet.

This will be a table topper, or could be used as a wallhanging.  I made a couple of asterisks ( you have to have asterisks!) and something else. I will show you that later...but first...there are 3 words.....any guesses?

I have another baby quilt to make, so might use letters in it as well. Seems like I am always thinking of the next project while working on the present one!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two quilting finishes!

 I had yesterday off since it is the end of the trimester. I have been itching to get at some machine quilting, as I haven't done any since before Christmas. I got my freepieced quiltin' sign quilted...
 I did a meandering stitch using a multicolored thread. I always worry that the thread will take over, but you can still read it just fine from a distance, so I am happy. I wanted to use a black binding to frame those colorful blocks on the edge. I added a hanging sleeve to the back as I attached the binding to help it hang straight since it is so wide. It ended up about 55" x 24".
 I also quilted this mini twister quilt that I made using the leftover squares from my twister quilt. I had the back all ready for it, and using the same thread, I meandered all over it too. I had some bright pink batik for the binding that almost blends into the border.
I'm excited that they are both finished.
 It's hard to know what to do about binding sometimes...match it? use as an accent? Use the same as your final border? What do you do?

Friday, February 24, 2012

New sewers!

 I had to cancel last week's second session for the Flop-easy Floor Pillow when I was sick, so two of the new sewers met last night.  This is a mom/daughter duo and they did a great job! The daughter got her first sewing machine for Christmas, and is having a great time learning how to use it. She also took to rotary cutting like she'd been doing it forever.
Mom is learning too and they have plans to make another pillow together as a gift. The other 2 ladies in this class are meeting next week, so hopefully I will have more pictures then!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short work week, Tumblers and kitties...

 I have been wanting to make a Tumbler block quilt for a long time.  I used a lot of my left over pieces from other projects. I cut strips, then cut out the tumblers. This one is a perfect size for a baby gift.  It was fun and easy...might have to make the next baby quilt this way.

We have a short work week this week...three days of school (yea! casual day today!), a professional day tomorrow, then no work Friday. I love long weekends! It is the end of our second trimester. One more to go...
Conrad and Smokey were laying in the same chair the other day and he just rolled over to snuggle next to her! It was so cute. She didn't know what to think, since when he gets that close he usually wants to wrestle! She sort of growled quietly for awhile, then she accepted the fact that he just wanted to snuggle. He really is a sweet kitty!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The last go round on the round robin...

 I decided I had better get busy and add my round to the last round robin. 

 I thought I would try to bring out some of the brighter pinks and orange in the center star, so dug out this large print floral to mix in with a teal/ purple blender and a purple floral to make prairie points.
 I then sewed a teal batik border on top of the prairie points, so they would show up well in front of it. I tucked each point into the one before it as I sewed it on, as it was to hard to pin each edge of the points down...too much thickness.
The prairie points add some heaviness, but I like the sparkle they add to the quilt. I hope Rose likes it!

Here is the post of the last quilt I added a round too....the links are in this post to see the other 3 round robin quilts as I got them, which includes mine.

This has been fun, and challenging as well, as you have to go with what the others have done before you as well as add something of your own to the quilt.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fandango PIllow Fun!

I haven't posted all week as I have been sick with some horrible flu/cold/nasty business. I am feeling better now, though still coughing and sneezing.

I did teach the Fandango pillow class yesterday...it was a smaller class than usual, so we got lots of chatting in! Their pillows turned out so cute!
 It was a two-quilter job to get the buttons put in place to tuft it, but we got the job done! When I made mine, I couldn't stuff it full because I was afraid I would have trouble hanging it.....
They are so cute stuffed full, now I need to restuff mine!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday is for sewing!

 A few more of the blocks for the new Sampler. I hope to get it finished today.
 The color in these pictures isn't the greatest. I took them at night.
 I will get some better ones soon, but you get the idea.
I really like this one!
Have a quilty Sunday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ahhhhhh.....the weekend....more blocks...

 Here are a couple more of my blocks for my Sampler quilt. I hope to get it finished this weekend. I am teaching a Binding 101 Class on Saturday, but then plan to get this Sampler done! The house must suffer another weekend...sorry house! I have a busy week of night classes next week too, so I guess I won't be home enough for it to bother me as much!
This Sampler is a combination of more intricate blocks, and some easier blocks to join things together.  I am anxious to see the rows sewn together. Maybe tonight!
 A few more retreat pix...
 Funny lady! We played multiple games of our quilting game...we roll the dice, move the fat quarters around until someone has them all or all but one has lost theirs.

If you haven't been on a retreat like this I highly recommend it. It really isn't that hard to plan once you find a good place to go.
On to Friday Fun....otherwise known as work.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More retreat pix!

It snowed while we were on our retreat and they told us not to try to leave until the plows came by. So we got an extra hour or 2 of quilting in! It wasn't that there was so much snow, but that it had drifted across the road. Harrisdale House is in the country, about a mile and a half off the main highway. Once we got to the highway, it was clear as the temps weren't that cold.
 Cindy playing in the snow....
 Another gorgeous quilt. She was feeling discouraged at this point because all of the pieces have little sashings between, and it seemed to be taking forever. It is about half finished.
 Cute baby quilt.

 Pincushion and thread catcher...
 She got all the blocks sewn into rows.
The large floral print is corduroy...so soft and pretty!

I am teaching the Flop-easy Pillow class tonight....should be great fun!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Retreat fun!

 Here are some shots of us working hard at the retreat....

 Lots of pretty quilts began to be finished!

We all worked on our own projects. Some people finished started projects, some started new...it was fun just to have that much time to sew without worrying about work, cleaning and meals. We divided up the meals and other food and each brought a meal or salads or snacks. It works well that way...then you just cook the meal you brought. They were all simple meals, but good. Of course, you always find yourself with helpers in the kitchen!

After I finished my quiltinjeanie sign, I worked on blocks for a new Sampler I designed. Finished the blocks last night, so I hope to start sewing them together tonight.