Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family and the Good Wishes quilt

 We all gathered at my sister Sharon's house on Saturday night. Nancy is still here from Canada and Kathy and her husband came from Missouri, so my brother and sisters were all there. We see both of them when they are back, but they don't always get to see much of each other as their visits don't always coincide. My other 2 sisters and brother live in my hometown, and I live about 50 miles away. It was a good chance to give Mom her Good Wishes quilt.
 She loved it. I filled the pockets with the wishes I had, and the rest of the family will add them as they get them.
 It was a great night and I took lots of pictures. Here I am with my 4 sisters, brother and parents.  My sister has a great deck and gardens out in back of her house, and the weather was perfect to sit outside and visit.
Kathy went back yesterday and Nancy is leaving tomorrow to go back home. We have all enjoyed her visit a lot and I know it has helped Mom and Dad to have her here.

I worked on some more  Funky Rock Stars yesterday. I finished 8 more and have another 7 partially finished. They are so much fun to make! I will post some pix tomorrow.

I'm going to sew with the ladies today, then I have a class tonight. Should be a great day! I love sewing with others! Usually I am teaching and so am watching the sewing, not participating!


Lori R said...

What wonderful pictures. You sure make me homesick for Iowa ... I don't get back to Ames nearly as often as I'd like.

Did you ever give info on how the good wishes blocks were constructed? Looks like a sweet project.

Julianne said...

You have a beautiful family.