Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hollow Cubes, Too continued

 I sewed with friends yesterday, so got the Hollow Cubes pieces out and spent a few hours arranging them on the design wall. I sewed together 5 vertical rows, so it's a start. This quilt won't be as big as the Tumbling Blocks quilt. There are 13 vertical rows, and there are 21 triangles in each row. I am excited to get it finished now! I had to number each piece, as it would be easy to turn those triangles the wrong way while sewing.
My daughters and I are heading up to my Mom and Dad's today to celebrate the 4th. Have a great holiday!


Karen said...

Loving the colors of your new cube quilt! Beautiful!

Rosa said...

Your new cubes are spectacular.Love the effects and your fabrics choice!

Julianne said...

That looks like it would be hard to piece, but it is striking