Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini shop hop

 Some friends and I went on a quilt shop hop to the Sioux City IA area on Saturday. First stop was Susie's Quilts and More in Onawa. It's a nice little shop stocked with lots of pretty fabrics. Our next stop was My Quilt Shop in Sergeant Bluff. Several of the other ladies had been there in the past and had many good things to say about it. We discovered it had closed since they had been there, so we were disappointed at that.

Our next stop was Heart and Hand Dry Goods in Sioux City. Huge shop with lots of gorgeous fabrics. They were having a special that day on any fabrics that were red or blue, so I had to get some gorgeous blue batiks. (the 6 on the left of the above picture). I could've spent much, much more, but was trying to be good. I am getting low on usable batik pieces and have plans to start a batik quilt soon. (so I had to buy some, right?)
We ate lunch at a cute pita sandwich shop called Pita Pit. I had never heard of it, but the food was awesome. I wish there was one in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area.

We then headed to Granny's Stitches with Viking. They sell all manner of Viking machines as well as fabric. Nice little shop jam packed with fabric of all types. They had a little bit of everything there.

They told us about Unique Fabrique in Le was only 20 min. away, so off we went. What a fabulous store! If you love asian fabrics, this is the place to go. I have never seen so many asian fabrics in one spot. Lots of pretty choices. They also had a full wall of batiks, so I chose the 2 purple batiks on the left there. I was having a hard time with the asian, as I love those prints and could've just bought and bought. But since I don't have a project in mind right now I restrained myself (see, I really was good!). I bought the 3 green and pink fabrics there. They have an online business as well, so if you love asian fabrics, this is definitely the place to go.

Great trip with some great ladies! Now to get back to sewing....


Karen said...

Going to have to check out some of those shops. What a fun day!

Lori R said...

There you go, making me homesick again! My crafting sister-in-law lives in Salix, south of Sioux City and shops at Heart and Hand all the time!

Julianne said...

Fabric shopping soulds like a great idea.