Thursday, July 12, 2012

Small projects are so much fun!

I taught the first session of three for some budding quilters yesterday. They were very good students and by the end of class, they were doing a good job of sewing straight seams! I have three girls in class and I taught them to cut with the rotary cutter, but I am helping some with the cutting as they are all eight yr. old. I was a little worried about all that cutting, safety and time-wise. I am going to try to remember to take some pix today, as we were so busy today I didn't think of it. I will get some pictures of the finished quilts on Friday, for sure.

 I got little footstool on a really good sale the other day, so I wanted to cover it in something fun. I had sewn some leftover batik strips together awhile back, so I got them out and played with them a bit.
 I decided to do a checkerboard type strip and offset it on the front of the hassock.
 I like it! It's not fancy, but fun!
 Now, what am I going to do about these crazy legs?
They didn't look so much like tree trunks when they were flat in the package....any ideas?


Lori R said...

Paint the legs! Maybe four different colors.

JustCindy said...

I like Lori's idea of painting the legs. Your project turned out too cute!

Fiesta said...

I love how you designed the fabric for the footstool. Looks fabulous