Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catch up Sunday

It has been a busy week of getting something finished, so I can get something else accomplished! Ever have a week like that, where the list is so long that you feel like you won't ever get caught up? The last few weeks have been like that for me, so I have been hunkered down over the sewing machine sewing and the computer writing patterns.

I make notes as I figure out a quilt design, so I like to write the patterns fairly soon after I make it, just so it is fresh in my mind. Plus there are a certain amount of graphics to make for the pattern as well. So it can be pretty time consuming. Last summer as I was making projects for my fall classes, I wrote most of the patterns as I made the quilts, except for one. I had the pictures ready for it, but hadn't ever written it. It seemed like things just kept coming up, a new project for a demo I did, a new Sampler with a deadline, a special project with a deadline, a very busy Sept. class get the idea.  I got the demo project made and pattern written, I got the Sampler made, the patterns partly finished. Last weekend I started work on the special project...
 And worked on rewriting the pattern for it all week.  It is finished now. I had a day off Friday, and that really helped! I finally got the pattern written for the class that I have been putting off to work on other things...good thing, since the class is next weekend!  I also got the special project (no pictures yet!) on the quilt machine and partially quilted. I hope to finish it today. So I feel like I can see the end of the tunnel now and might be able to get back to a normal life. I am even thinking about cleaning...

Thursday night the Four Patch Petunia Minicourse class worked on block 3, Four Plus Four. As you can see from the photo at the beginning of my post, our little Miss Photogenic Kelsey is doing a great job on her blocks, with her grandma Patty taking the class and working on matching blocks as well. They are going to use the blue as a sashing in between the blocks to make a quilt for her bed.

I love the bright colors Bunny is using for her quilt....We turned her red block on point just to see how it would look.

Here are her blocks so far. Some little person is going to have one pretty quilt!

Kellie's blocks have lots of movement and many shades of browns. It is so much fun working with this group of ladies on this project...I really enjoy teaching beginners!

Christie had a conflict, so couldn't be here for class, but she will be on Thursday. One more class in this four patch minicourse series left.

I taught the Circle and Spin class yesterday at Cut Up and Quilt, more about that tomorrow! Off to quilt!

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