Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun, fabulous Christmas Stars!

I taught the Star of Christmas table topper on Saturday....the star isn't readily seen as you are making it, but as you reach the finish of slashing and sewing back together, it emerges.
There were many variations on the Christmas theme, though you could definitely make this star out of just about anything.
Using stripes in the connecting strips adds interest to these stars.

These nontraditional greens turned out pretty with white strips.

The red connectors brought out the red in this nontraditional tree fabric.

Using a directional print worked too, as the block stayed right sides up!

You can make this into a tree skirt too, if you wish, just by cutting through the side-setting triangle into the center.
Very festive tree skirts for the holiday season!


Texas JennyWren said...

I love all these different color stars. Beautiful. Where can I find this pattern?

Karen said...

Just love how they all look! It was so much fun! Thanks Jean for the class.