Monday, December 31, 2012

Family sewing day!

 I had a great time sewing with my sisters and Mom yesterday. We all worked on our own projects. Sharon started a new Twister quilt on Thursday,  so continued to work on it. She made the oh-so-cute pillow top using some of her leftover squares and then decided to make a border for the bottom of the quilt using them as well.

Nancy started her quilt a couple of years ago and only sews when she comes for visits about once a year. She has 1/2 of her blocks finished now, so it is coming along nicely. I am going up there tomorrow for NY dinner, so I hope to see some more progress tomorrow.

This is her first quilt. Nancy has been here since Thanksgiving, so my folks are enjoying her nice long visit. Her husband came last week, so we visited with him as well....didn't get a pic of him though....hmm...he must've been hiding from my camera!

 My sister Deb isn't a quilter either, but sure seems to love it when we are all together. She finished her lap size layout yesterday and is ready to put on some borders. This is her first quilt as well.
She chose some borders from my Mom's stash of vintage fabrics, so hopefully will have my Mom and Sharon help her get it finished now.

Mom worked on her layout, but didn't sew...she is recuperating well after finishing her chemo in Nov. but still gets tired more easily. I think all the holiday hoopla is wearing her out, though she doesn't complain.

We always need our supervisor on sewing days! Dad helps us with layouts and visits while we sew.  My niece, several nephews and brother-in-law came and ate lunch with us and stayed to visit a while too.
 These two kept us entertained as well...a year really makes a difference! They are becoming buddies!
I cut the borders for my daughter Wendy's Circle and Spin Plus quilt and got the first border sewn on. It's going to be large enough to come down past the box springs on her queen size bed.

 I want to finish quilting the Lotus Quilt today and maybe get the last border on Wendy's quilt. We'll see how much ambition I have!


Needled Mom said...

What a fun time you had all sewing together. I love the results too.

Texas JennyWren said...

What an awesome idea to have a family quilting time. I should try to get that started with my daughters and DIL. It looks like it is really fun!!