Monday, December 10, 2012

Finished Tasty!

It was a very busy weekend....on Saturday I taught the Circle and Spin quilt class. It was a great class, many nice quilters with lots of beautiful fabrics. More about that tomorrow! Then my daughter and I went to my hometown, Earling, to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Some of my other family members came over and we had a great time. Her birthday is actually today, so she is having another celebration tonight, but I won't be able to make that one. We do like our parties in my family! She is also finished with her chemo treatments too, so we are all breathing a sigh of relief about that as well.

I spent all day yesterday getting the paperwork ready to post some new classes for my winter schedule. I plan on hanging the models tonight when I go in for my Sampler #16 class. I also finished the Tasty Table Runner, which didn't take long since I only had the borders left to do. So it is ready to go as well. It's a good feeling to have these ready now, as it's hard for me to relax and do anything else when I know I have class work to take care of. I don't have any more weekend classes now until after the first of the year, so I can concentrate more on getting ready for Christmas.

Today is the first day the library is closed and the students have to bring all their books back so that I can get them put away. Then I continue the job of packing for the move. I'm ready and excited to get it done! Hopefully, sometime this week we can go over and see our newly remodeled building!

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Sharon said...

Your Tasty tablerunner is quite tasty! Looks like a fun pattern to do.

Good luck with the moving! I'm sure you'll be very glad when it's over and you're settled in the new space. Won't that be fun?