Friday, January 11, 2013

That darn witch....

You might remember that I put up a display of Wizard of Oz fabrics and books to reflect our moving back theme of "There's No Place Like Home". The kids love the witches legs I made the best! I have gotten all sorts of comments, my favorite being "Where's her head?" as they try to look underneath to see the rest of her. And lots of them just have to touch them too! Most of the kids get the movie reference, but not everyone does. Some just think I like Wizard of Oz. It's been fun! I plan to move the legs around the library a bit for the next week or so, kind of like Where's Waldo, before I take the display down. 

My sister and her husband are flying back to Vancouver Island tomorrow, so some of my family will be bringing them down tonight. We will all meet for dinner and then they will stay here so they are closer to the airport for their morning flight out. It's been nice seeing her more this holiday season, and we'll miss them!

I am teaching the Peas in a Pod class tomorrow, so I will take lots of pix to share! 


Karen said...

Really cute display, Jean. And I'm sure you're glad to be settling in. Have fun with the family!

Sharon said...

Love your witch legs! What a fun idea, esp. for the kids. :D