Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creative lettering

A quilting lady I know sent me this picture of the perfect Scrabble game she made! I asked her if she was going to reproduce it in fabric and she said probably not! I wonder how long it took her to work it all out?

The first session of the Snake Dance Mystery went well last Sat. They worked on one clue and got another clue for "homework". I had to make them take a vow of silence since the other group hasn't started yet. We do have one German quilter joining this group for the mystery, Kerstin of Cookie's Treasures. She is working on the clues on her own, but we are chatting in a Yahoo group so that she can be part of the group and join in on some of the speculation!

We are counting down our last days of the school year...8 days left. We have to come back for one day after Memorial weekend because of all of the snow days this year.  Today is my last day to check out books to kids, then I begin taking inventory of the library. I would really like to get the shelves labeled before summer break too. It's been so busy since we moved back in January that I haven't gotten it done.

It's been crazy spring weather too, we had snow about 10 days ago and yesterday it was over 100. Yes, we do live in Iowa, but still! Thankfully it cooled off overnight and today's high is supposed to be a more May-like 83.

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Chris H said...

Clever Scrabble Lady! My kids were playing that just the other day... only Brylee and Griffin's words are not very long.