Monday, June 24, 2013

Kerstin's finish!

Kerstin, at Cookies Treasures, finished the quilting on her Snake Dance Mystery quilt. It looks so pretty. I love the quilting she did on her home machine. She said not as many people in Germany have home quilting set-ups or take their quilts to be quilted. I think it looks awesome!
I spent some time cleaning up the quilting room yesterday, as I had project leftovers stacked all around. So now it is a little bit more organized. I separated out the smaller pieces to put in the "string" tub. It was full, so I cleaned out another tub that was bigger and transferred them into it. It's time to make a new string pieced project to use them up. A friend wants some too, so I will send some to her.

I found a small quilt that I started to hand quilt a long time ago. I knew it was there, I've just been ignoring it. I will take some pictures and post tomorrow. I don't even like the fabrics anymore, so I have to decide if I really want to spend time finishing it.

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