Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Funny group of Kids Campers!

 I had a great day helping another group of campers make pj pants. These girls are in the same 4H group so not only do they know each other, they go to the same school, too. They were very patient waiting for help and were very helpful to each other.
 They were also very good at posing for pictures!
 You could see their enthusiasm the minute they walked in the classroom. They have been working on projects all year to take to the county fair next week.              

We went on a store walk through to show off the pants....everyone loved them, but the girls were up to more hi-jinks along the way! It really was a fun day!

 I have had quite a few 4 H members in my classes, so I think I had better go to the fair next week!


Barb said...

Tooo cute!!

Kerstin said...

more good looking pj pants. I want a pair too.