Saturday, July 20, 2013

The first tomato

In my family, we have a friendly competition every year to see who gets the first tomato. I saw red in my garden the other morning, so I picked it and brought it in for a photo op. I sent them all the pic of the tomato with "first tomato" in the text.
Then I sent them this picture....ok, so it looks like a cherry tomato, which doesn't count. But it was a good joke!  I didn't plant a cherry tomato plant this year, but planted this other early variety. It sounded like it was similiar to an Early Girl, so I got it. It's nice to have an earlier variety so you can start eating tomatoes sooner. I can't remember the name (I will have to check the tag) but some of the tomatoes look oval right now. So I will be curious to see what the next ones look like as they ripen. I don't see any others that are reddening yet, but the weather has been hot so that usually gives them a push. 

My sister planted some yellow tomatoes and she got the first tomato the other day. I haven't ever planted yellow, but will have to try hers once she gets a bunch. She said it was really good. Nothing beats the taste of that first tomato! Have you had any garden tomatoes yet?

 I'm heading out to plan and sew with my retreat group in a little while. I want to work on binding a quilt, and might get some more work done on the letter quilt. I haven't sewn much since Tuesday, so I have some catching up to do!

Smokey has the right idea about how to spend a hot, sunny Saturday!


Deb said...

Great pictures Jean!! I just learned the other day that yellow tomatoes are supposed to be less acidic--so are good to eat if you have digestive problems due to the acid in the red tomatoes. I'm now curious to try a yellow tomato, just to see how it tastes!!
PS: My tomatoes are even close to being ready! I'm jealous!!

Stitches said...

If that isn't a cherry tomato, I don't think I would save the seeds for planting next year. ? LOL. I love yellow tomatoes and they are supposed to have less acid. I planted red, yellow and white tomatoes years ago, they made a pretty plate...I hope the rest of your crop is bigger!!

stitchinpenny said...

I am from Florida and it is too hot for tomatoes right now. The first was in mid may and the last were picked last week. The plants were pulled up, the pots cleaned and we are shopping for our fall plants now. Life is very different here.

Chris H said...

It may be a tiny tomato, but I think it still counts!

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Too late, I have the first tomato every year.