Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fold your quilt on the bias? say what?

One of the things I love about quilting is that I'm always learning new things...new techniques, new patterns, new rulers...the list goes on. The other day I read about a new way to fold a quilt for storage. I have always folded them like I was folding sheets...in half, then in half again etc...until they are a manageable size to store.
Vivian at Quilts and a Mug learned a new way to fold them on the bias at a recent guild meeting, and it makes sense, so I wanted to share. I got out this quilt that has been folded in my closet for quite a while. You can see that there are many fold lines in it already. Folding on the bias is supposed to help keep those nasty fold lines from forming and becoming permanent.
You start by folding one corner diagonally towards the other like this.
Then fold the next one towards the first fold, continuing this process until it's a nice size to store.

I'm sure many of you have been folding like this for ages, but to me this was a new method. I have always heard that you should refold your stored quilts occasionally so that they don't develop bends, but haven't done this before.
I didn't get any sewing done last night, though I did get some patterns printed so I guess that is sewing related! I want to work on the borders on the baby quilt tonight if I have any ambition by the time I get home...

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