Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Sampler pix

I haven't been sewing this week, about the only quilty thing I've done is teach Tuesday night's Sampler class. I haven't downloaded the pictures yet, bur here are some from last week's Sampler Pick night. These ladies are all making a different sampler, so it's fun to see what each one is making every week. 

 My sister and her husband went to my hometown last night where they will stay the rest of the time they are here. I will get to see them again as we have a lot of family activities while they are here. We are planning a sewing day for one...which I always love as my sisters that don't really sew get into the spirit!

Today is my last day at school before our winter break....I am looking forward to some sewing and relaxing time, though I do have some shopping to do as well!

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