Friday, January 31, 2014


 Our retreat is in full swing and we're having a great time. I worked on finishing the mystery quilt, so I worked in another room most of yesterday to keep the mystery a secret. I was glad to have the blocks put together late in the afternoon so I could join the others. I could hear all of the conversation, but wanted to join in. It was a great motivator!
They were busy all day! Diana is working on a sampler quilt...she really wants to finish it this morning.

Dianne made a microwave bowl....and finished her challenge project.

We swapped 2 1/2" half strips last time, so challenged ourselves to make something...I forgot to take pictures of all of them, so I will do that later, but here are Cindy and Dianne's projects!
Cindy finished her challenge project....

Rose is working on her ZigZag quilt. She got the blocks put together already this morning, but I don't have a picture of it yet.
I made two microwave bowl potholders....I love them! You can get the pattern here.

I also started cutting the fabrics from my OTHER will be working on it soon. Breakfast is ready...gotta go!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ooh lala...

Two new sampler clubs started this week. Most of Tuesday night's class got their blocks finished.

Lots of pretty blocks!

Monday's club did a great job too. They are pretty new to quilting, so are enjoying the process.

They got the Friendship Star finished, and will finish Shoo fly for homework.
I spent last evening getting packed up for my weekend retreat. I am so ready for a break and sewing and chatting with friends all weekend will be just the thing. I will post pictures from retreat in my next posting.

Monday, January 27, 2014


There is nothing like a pretty stack of new fabric to inspire! After doing some quilting on Saturday, I headed out to a local shop...I had a coupon, a gift card and some birthday money. It all added up to a happy stack of fabrics. I needed a background for a new project, and chose some others that I think might work for it and for a border on the unfinished Colorplay quilt. 

Fabric isn't the only thing that inspires me, a trip to a fabric shop or a new design does it just looking at the new fabrics, and projects made up in the shop makes me want to start my own new project! What inspires you?

I spent yesterday working on various paperwork related to classes, so I didn't get any sewing done. I did get some fat quarters and charm squares ready to play games with on our retreat...which is coming up this weekend. I am so ready! Well... ready to go on retreat, not ready with my projects packed. It'll happen, not to worry!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Circle and Spin quilted....

 Since the first thing on the "to do" list yesterday was get this quilt on the frame, I started out by piecing the back and giving everything a good pressing. I chose the Mini Chaos panto because I wanted something that went quickly but covers well. This panto dips into the next row deeply, so you don't get as far as you think you should each pass, but it's an easy one to quilt. I don't very often get larger quilts done in a day, as I have to take breaks when my back gets tired, but I finished it!
I usually use batiks when making this quilt as I like the way they blend and relate to each other. Plus I love batiks so use them a lot!
 It's always interesting to see the quilting on the back...I used a variegated thread, so it blends well on the top side, but you can see it better on the green back.
 The binding is ready to go too, so it's just matter of attaching it and the quilt will be finished! I think part of my motivation yesterday was that I kept thinking that when I got finished, I was going to go fabric shopping.  I did manage to squeeze it in late in the afternoon...I'll show you my purchases tomorrow!
I have lots on the list today, too, but am starting off with some class paperwork.... maybe a clue for the mystery, supply lists, and an upcoming class email. I'd rather be sewing, but it has to be done too. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Getting a little closer...

 I'm getting a little closer to posting the Against the Tide mystery quilt. I worked on the posters Thursday night. I will be teaching this at both places that I teach, so I needed to make 2 posters with the same info, but a different orientation.
 I have the supply list ready too, so just need to get them to the locations and post the classes.

I am loading a Circle and Spin quilt today that I made last year when I taught the class at Cut Up and Quilt. I never got it quilted, so since I am going to teach it again, I thought I should get the job done. I need to get the back pieced and then I'm ready to load it. So that's first on the agenda for today. With any luck I can get it finished this weekend.
I got a little spoiled yesterday as it was my birthday. I had lots of birthday wishes and songs from students and staff at school (one whole class came in and sang quietly, since I'm in the library!) and my daughters took me out to eat in the evening. I even got some birthday money to you can guess what I will spend some of it on!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

They are almost quilts!

The Sampler Pick class is almost finished making blocks and ready to put their quilts together soon! Since they are all making a different quilt, it's always interesting when they get together.
Two of the students had some applique to work on this time. We talked about the different ways you can applique...both learned to fuse the pieces this time.
I have been working on the supply list and other paperwork for the new mystery quilt....hope to get if finished tonight.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I love a good finish!

I was really happy to get Miss Tess off of the machine on Sunday. Since I didn't have much time to quilt last week, it seemed like it had been on the machine forever.
I used Leafage to quilt it, which is my favorite panto! I found a striped fabric that looks like fabric in stripes for the binding. I thought that splash of color would look nice with the dark blue border.
Here I am, trying to sew the binding on....a queen is heavy enough to begin with without Smokey helping. They both kept trying to sit on it while I tried to sew the binding on!

I took it outside yesterday to take some pictures. That old swingset frame has its uses.

Folded and ready to go to the store to be hung on display!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Color, color everywhere!

Yesterday was the Colorwheel Stash they are getting started after sorting through their squares. We all  brought our extra squares so we could share, so as they worked at blending their colors, they were going back and forth to check what was available and what would work for each of them.
It took awhile to get the hang of it, but they quickly started designing!

Kelli is getting close! 

I played in the green squares to make a small sample to demonstrate how to label and sew them together in a grid.

After much rearranging and help from each other, they are all labeled and ready to sew together.

They loved this technique, and were surprised how quickly the squares were sewn together vertically using this method.

Now to finish!

Kelli played with some border ideas.

Lora with her colorful colorwheel!

I thought I took a picture of Dianne with her quilt, but it's not there, so not sure what happened.
Something interesting happened to her quilt as she sewed it together. See if you can figure out what happened.

Before sewing

After sewing together. 

Dorothy had the largest project and was well on her way to finishing the horizontal rows at the end of class. Sewing them this way makes it so easy to take home to finish!
They really seemed to enjoy the process  and we talked a lot about color, design and art quilts. We are going to meet again next month to see how they have progressed with them and try out some other ideas.

Here is my little green demo, ready to be part of a larger project! Since I didn't get much quilting done this week, the tessie quilt is first up today. I hope to get it finished!