Sunday, January 26, 2014

Circle and Spin quilted....

 Since the first thing on the "to do" list yesterday was get this quilt on the frame, I started out by piecing the back and giving everything a good pressing. I chose the Mini Chaos panto because I wanted something that went quickly but covers well. This panto dips into the next row deeply, so you don't get as far as you think you should each pass, but it's an easy one to quilt. I don't very often get larger quilts done in a day, as I have to take breaks when my back gets tired, but I finished it!
I usually use batiks when making this quilt as I like the way they blend and relate to each other. Plus I love batiks so use them a lot!
 It's always interesting to see the quilting on the back...I used a variegated thread, so it blends well on the top side, but you can see it better on the green back.
 The binding is ready to go too, so it's just matter of attaching it and the quilt will be finished! I think part of my motivation yesterday was that I kept thinking that when I got finished, I was going to go fabric shopping.  I did manage to squeeze it in late in the afternoon...I'll show you my purchases tomorrow!
I have lots on the list today, too, but am starting off with some class paperwork.... maybe a clue for the mystery, supply lists, and an upcoming class email. I'd rather be sewing, but it has to be done too. Have a great Sunday!


ga447 said...

I just love your motivation, you do get things done. I am doing lots of prepping work because I have lots of scraps. It is so good to get organized.

Kerstin said...

your motivation sound great to me.
Love the quilt and the quilting.
I love the pattern. One of those days, its on my list.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...