Friday, February 21, 2014

Beginners dig in....

I met with the beginning piecing class last night....they are getting close to a finished quilt top. It was fun to see their quilt centers take shape.
They had time to cut their first border before class ended and we talked about measuring to make sure both of the side borders were the same length.
You can see my version hanging on the wall behind the door!

Our crazy snowstorm yesterday didn't end up sticking to the streets for long, but it was wet and wild while it lasted. It's supposed to warm up a bit today and then we are back to more normal highs for this time of year....20s and 30s. I'm off tomorrow, so I hope to get caught up at home a little and maybe do some quilting.


Stitches said...

Don't you just love it when a beginner gets her first project done? I taught a beginner class in Denison for several years and it makes it all worth while when you see the delight when that first project becomes a quilt..

ga447 said...

The first quilt is always a great accomplishment.