Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday already?

I spent some time yesterday finishing the new sampler top....for some reason this one seemed to take forever, but I guess I had some starts and stops along the way. Now to get a backing fabric for it so I can get it quilted, and then write the patterns for it. I will begin teaching the new sampler in June.

These pictures are some that I've taken at recent sampler clubs. I offer these once a month clubs for people to build skills and work with a group. I have two groups working on this sampler right now.

After I finished the new sampler (it needs a name so I can stop calling it the new sampler!) I worked on a new design. I have two new projects in the beginning has to be finished before the other so that is what I will be working on next.

We've had some gorgeous spring weather the past week as well as some much needed rain over the weekend. It's really starting to green up outside. I am itching to visit the greenhouse and start planting tomatoes! It's time, right?

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