Friday, May 30, 2014

On to the finish line!

Last night the beginners started the process of finishing their More Peas in a Pod quilts. They learned to piece the back to fit and layer it with the batting and their quilt tops.We talked about the fact that whether you are hand quilting, quilting on your home machine or tying your quilt, the layering process is the same. They pinned it securely to keep all of the layers in place. Nancy is all smiles as she starts to tie her quilt.
Debbie's quilt, Kathy helping

Debbie gets some help from Kathy as she bastes the outer edge of her quilt. Kathy is having her quilt machine quilted, but wanted to join us to learn the layering and tying process. She will bind her quilt next week along with the others. (yes, we know a very nice quilter who agreed to get it finished quickly!)
Deb had a directional print for her backing fabric, so they all learned another way to piece the back so that the fabric is going the direction you want it too. 

Martha and Nancy
I usually have some of the quilters come early to this class so that I can help one or two at a time, instead of all 6. There aren't enough tables to have them all laid out at the same time, either. Martha came early and just layered and basted her quilt. She is going to try to quilt it herself with her home machine. She will be out of town next week, so we made plans to meet on another date so she can learn to make and attach her binding.
Martha's quilt
Since she was finished early, she and Kathy helped the others with the pinning and basting of their quilts. It was like an old fashioned quilting bee! Shirley went on vacation so she and I will get together at a later date so she can finish hers.

I'm excited to see finished quilts next week!


Chris H said...

OK couple of questions for you Jean!
Why pin and 'baste', I just pin... but I invariably end up with puckers here and there! Drives me nuts.
Also, what do you mean by 'tying' the quilt???

Maggi said...

Such an important stage which can ruin a lot of hard work if you don't get it right. Looks like they were all following your instructions well.