Monday, September 15, 2014

Peeking through the lovely windows...

I spent a very enjoyable Saturday with some ladies that wanted to make a traditional block the modern way. We started out with puzzled looks and lots of squares.
By the time they had one block finished, it was starting to make sense. You can see that they got lots accomplished.
Many of them started working on the frames without putting in the windows, so had more almost finished than what it shows in the picture.
I did a demonstration during class on the traditional method of making this block. They were all fascinated. In fact I have 2 quilters who would like to learn how to do it this way as well. So I am  currently considering teaching this method if I have enough interested people. Here is a pic of my traditional method, unfinished so that people can look at the different aspects of finishing it.

One of the first times I taught this method, one of the quilters brought several sections of finished Cathedral Window blocks that she found at a thrift store. She gave one to me so I always take it to class with me and show it off. Thanks Karen! Everyone loves looking at it.
You can see it was made with muslin and held together with many hand stitches on the back. The windows are about 1 1/2".  It's gorgeous!
We had a great assortment of colors and styles of fabrics.
I did a lot of odds and ends yesterday. Some laundry, cleaning, mowing....I worked on writing a pattern for awhile, then quilted some more of Miss Tess. I'm excited because I'm almost finished with it. Tonight I'm meeting with a new quilter to get her started so that she can join the Cobblestone Path class on Saturday.
Happy Monday!

One of my Modern Cathedral Window Pillows


Terri said...

My Mom made a Cathedral Window baby quilt for a nephew's baby girl. She never made another quilt of any kind. She just wanted to make that pattern, and did get it out of her mind, I guess. I've never tried it myself. Looks too complicated. (I think that's why she made it... too complicated for her mom who was a quilter.

Maggi said...

Lovely results again and the piece from the thrift store is wonderful. Sad to think that it may have been made with love and then discarded by someone's family after her passing. I'm glad it found a good home.

Heather's Haven said...

love that pillow!