Friday, November 7, 2014

Ahhhh, now we're getting somewhere!

Lots of smiles last night as the new quilters sewed their blocks into quilt tops. They had worked hard during the week in between classes to get their blocks finished. When asked if it seemed to take a long time, they all said yes!
Time is an interesting concept when making a quilt. Time can seem to go really fast while sewing, even when it seems like you aren't getting anywhere. I'm often asked how long it takes to make a quilt and that is a hard question to answer. I don't normally keep track, and sometimes sew in bits and pieces. I know it can seem like it's taking forever. And then you are finished. One thing I do know is that it's always worth it in the end.
Today is the last day to vote on your Blogger's Quilt Festival favorites! Go to this post for the links to take you there! Winners will be announced tomorrow.


Gene Black said...

ha ha that is my least favorite question- "How long does it take you to make a _____" If I kept track of how long I worked on each thing, I would want LOTS of money for doing it. Instead I do it for joy and -well honestly - because I am compelled to create things.

Maggi said...

Don't they look impressive. I did keep an accurate record of time spent on a piece recently and was really surprised at how long it had taken.