Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sampler class progress

Lots of progress last night in the Sunbonnet Sue Sampler class. Last month they made one block and then I gave them the sashing directions with some instruction on how to start adding sashing and making the in between sashing rows even though they are not sure of block placement yet. I stressed that this could be done anytime between now and January, whenever they had time to work on it. That way they are that much close to finishing it when the class is over. 

They all showed up with sashing on their finished blocks and sashing rows ready to go! It was fun to see their quilts in position. 

Last night we worked on cutting and sewing two similar blocks so I wasn't sure if anyone would finish a block, but  I knew that they would leave with their block sections very close to being finished.

This quilter accidently left her background at home, so cut out her block fabrics and then played with the layout. She put the main fabrics for each block in place and decided that the bottom row was ready to sew together, so she got the row sewn together with one of the sashing rows on one side. 

Nancy and Shirley did get one of their blocks finished before we left. 
I think they are learning a lot about color choices and how they go together in this class as they watch their fellow quilters decide on fabric choices for each block as well as seeing the sashing choices and how they help the the blocks show at their best. 

We had one quilter missing, but I think she is making up later in the week so I will share her blocks when she is finished.



Mickey said...

Very nice blocks lot of colors.

Maggi said...

A good idea to do some of the sashing along the way.

Maggi said...

A good idea to do some of the sashing along the way.