Monday, January 19, 2015

Retreat planning day

 My retreat friends and I got together on Sat. to plan the food and games for our upcoming Feb. retreat. It's three weeks away and we're counting the days! Then we spent some time sewing. I worked on sewing the first large diamond together for my Lone Star class model and cutting another set. I love how this looks! That's all I will cut until demonstrating for the class on Saturday.
 Then I worked on making a few more black/gray Honeycomb blocks for that class. I am becoming obsessed with this mostly black/gray quilt. I partially sewed some of the seams together, but can still add more blocks if I want. I got opinions on using the zebra sets, and they all loved them so I worked them in.
Pat brought two show and tells ....her zigzag quilt, which is beautiful with 2 color zigzags.
 And this gorgeous 30's prints rail fence. She gave both of these quilts to Cindy to quilt for her (she has a long arm quilting business).
 Cindy brought her Chevy truck  quilt...she worked on getting this finished at our last retreat and it is now finished, quilted and bound.
 She put a road on the back of it! She delivered it to her brother on Sunday.
 Then she worked on her Sampler Club quilt. It's coming together nicely!
 Dianne worked on her Scattered Thoughts quilt...she has some gorgeous fabrics set on a gray background, so I can't wait to see some blocks finished.
 Rose worked on her last Sampler Club quilt....we all love her fabrics and think she should share.
 Pat was also working on her Sampler Club quilt...she had a problem with the sashings and had to get out her ripper...hate when that happens.
 Diana couldn't come as she had some family obligations. We missed her!

I worked on some class paperwork all morning yesterday...then went swimming with a friend at the senior center. It was my first time in that pool...the water there is so was wonderful. We did water aerobics. I'm not much of a swimmer, but I love water aerobics. I used to go to a class in the summers, but haven't gone for quite a few years. Maybe time to get back into it.

I worked on more paperwork when I got home and will probably do some pattern writing today as I'm home because of the holiday. Are you sewing?


Terri said...

Thanks for the quilt show. Love the "parts" getting ready for class. (You know I love my reds, yellows and oranges. Almost have a King quilt flimsy UFO of those colors in 9 patches done - somewhere in the boxes. It is all hand pieced.) And your bumpy quilt looks like there's lots of texture. You certainly have good values. (smile)
Your friends do good works, too. I love the rail fence with the yellow corner stones.
Thanks for sharing your photos.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lots of fun and inspiration.

Maggi said...

Lots of lovely pieces. I'm not sewing at the moment - hit by the flu bug!