Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another snow day!

Crazy weather today....we are supposed to get 2" -5" in a few hours, with winds picking up later so no school today.

I had left my retreat grocery shopping to do after work today so I decided it might be easier to clean off the car and get around at 6 AM than it would be later, depending on how much snow we get. So I headed out to do my errands....a trip to the bank, some gas in the car and then groceries. I was home by 7:15.

I've been working on a new design and went out to Cut Up and Quilt last night after work to pick out some fabric. I hadn't planned on getting batiks, but after Cindy helped me choose the background (teal/green) the rest came together. I can't wait to get started! This will probably be my first retreat project. I've picked out a few others to take along as well, plus I want to make myself a Whatcha Got Bag...I gifted all the ones I made at Christmas.

Happy SnEW day!


QuiltShopGal said...

What cheerful fabrics. Definitely a Happy Snow Day!


Karen said...

Love the colors. Can't wait to see what you make.

Maggi said...

Great selection of fabrics. I hope that the snow doesn't affect your retreat.