Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lone Star part 2

Everyone got a good start on their Lone Star quilt last Saturday and I wondered how much they would get finished for the 2nd session yesterday. I scheduled that in case they needed more help with the set-in corners and as a Lone Star workday. Elsie had her star finished and finished cutting her set-in triangles. Then we admired it. She didn't stay to sew, but hopefully I will get a finished picture later.
 Brenda didn't have time to work on hers during the week, but got all of her strips cut and one diamond sewn. We put it on the wall with another set of strips to see how it looked. Love her stripes! She's not sure.
 She was planning to use the reds as the middle, but we flipped it over just to see what it would look like with the green in the middle. She has an off white/neutral background with a print. It would work with either point to the outside. Brenda let me know last night that she has 2 more diamonds finished.

 Carol couldn't come last week, so she got a crash course in what to do and got half sets of all six strip-sets sewn together. She cut one strip of each and sewed one diamond. She felt confident that she could sew the rest of the diamonds together. She is an accomplished sewer, but hasn't done much quilting.
I heard from a few of the others that they couldn't come and think weather might have been a factor for some, too, as we are getting our first big snowstorm. Luckily it didn't start sticking until after I got home! Hopefully I will get to see their progress soon!

I came home and worked on writing patterns. I hope to finish today. Writing patterns for the samplers is a time consuming job and I have had other things that need to get finished as well, so haven't worked on this one consistently like I usually do. Cross your fingers that I get it done today! 

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Maggi said...

I like the fact that you don't have to make the decision as to which is the centre until all are finished.