Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another great Lone Star group!

Another group of quilters gathered to make the Lone Star quilt yesterday. What a gorgeous array of fabrics there were! Here they are working on their strips sets in preparation for making the first diamond. 
It's fun to see all of the unique color combos and styles of fabrics being used!

 Ahhh....they begin to come together. Rochelle had to leave early, but got one of her diamonds sewn together....only seven left!
 Cheri's gold is going to be the full circle around the center of the star.

 Can't beat batiks for a rich design. It was fun to see one diamond finished, but you could really see their designs coming to life with the second one.

 Dianne wanted a rainbow effect.
Seems like Dianne might be thinking, "what? another picture?"

 Betty chose all blues from her stash. I think it will be interesting to see what happens when she gets it all put together because I think the monochromatic color scheme will shine.
I loved Pat's choices of teals and browns, especially some of the designs in her batiks. I was excited to see that she had those zigzag patterns that seem to be radiating to the pointed edge of her diamond. 
We are meeting again on March 28 to continue working on them. I taught them the way I set in squares and triangles and if they want more help with them, we can do it that day. Or just continue working, whichever they need to do. 

Now that both classes are over, I can finish my working model....I got excited about it all over again yesterday when I was using it during class. Not sure when I will have time to work on it as I have several other things to do first, but it will be finished eventually. 
My working model
I am going to work on my string piecing project today....maybe I can get it almost finished?


Kris said...

Wow what fun!

QuiltShopGal said...

All the color selections are going to make beautiful lonestar quilts. I sure wish I lived closer and could join you. Looks like great fun.


Karen said...

Love all the colors. These are going to be beautiful quilts!

Maggi said...

Can't wait to see these beautiful colour combination as they progress.