Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bonus Blocks!

 The quilters who are working on Sampler 11 work on one block during class and take one home for homework. So it's fun to see those homework blocks when they come the next time. This quilt was designed to experiment with color a bit while making. I didn't use one background fabric, sometimes using a darker one for the back ground, and sometimes using a lighter fabric. It also has five versions of the Yankee Puzzle block, which I have been sending home with them to complete before next time. Last month's version has 3-D aspects, which are very evident in their blocks.
 So we had some fun looking at each set of blocks and talking about use of color. They also all groaned when I called the next version of Yankee Puzzle "homework" so they will now be called Bonus Blocks! It's all in a name, right?
They worked on the Wild Goose Chase block  last night. There was lots to learn as they hadn't made flying geese before and these geese were smallish. Plus they had a couple of hourglass sections to make. Another new skill conquered! No one finshed their block, but they will by next time!
  My oops picture....somehow cut off part of Deb's blocks.
Here are Jane's Highlight blocks from Monday night. Things are looking good!
I meet with another group working on the Sunbonnet Sue Sampler tonight...can't wait to see their blocks!

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