Friday, April 24, 2015

This and that

When I met with the  Sunbonnet Sue Sampler group recently, we spent some time looking at the difference color makes, whether you have a vibrant color as your background, or a soft color.
As you can see, two are using more vibrant colors for their backgrounds and two are using more traditional "lights". It really changes the look of the quilt and makes for some interesting conversations!
There are lots of teaching moments that happen during class that you don't always see coming, but discussing color is always a good idea as so many people seem to think they aren't good at choosing fabrics to put together and we can all learn from others about color combinations. 
I'm hosting a UFO Saturday tomorrow at Hancock. Everyone brings their unfinished object/project or a new project that they need help with and make some progress among quilty friends. Lots of opportunity for show and tell as well as color discussions as well. Should be fun! 

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Susan said...

It always amazes me how much color and fabric choice changes the look of a quilt! (Love the green!)