Monday, March 28, 2016

Busy weekend....

I worked on the new runner most of the weekend, but had to change gears for a bit on Friday and start quilting this new quilt in the Circle and Spin series. I loaded it last weekend, but had problems with my bobbin winder, so had to order a small rubber grommet for it to work. 
A friend loaned me her winder on Thurs. so I could get started. I need to get this quilt finished so that I can quilt the runner. I will be holding a class to make the runner in May. No date set on the other quilt yet.
The panto I'm using, Ebb and Flow by Lorien Quilting,  sort of flows along, like the design, so I think it will look good. Plus it's quick to do. Even so, I still have to take a break every so often, so I will be quilting in between writing a pattern today. With any luck, I will get both finished. 

 I'm finished with the runner top and will post more pictures of it soon as I quilt and bind it. Now to name it....hmmmm....

Friday, March 25, 2016

Making progress....

I spent most of yesterday working on this new's really starting to come together.
Pretty, springy half square triangles. I make mine a bit bigger so I can square them you?
This is a smaller project so only three blocks to make.
First block finished...
 It's a row!
 I am going to work on it some more today, and will post pics occasionally on my Facebook page of my progress.

I also want to get some quilting done on a project I loaded on the quilt frame the other day. I did find & order the rubber grommets I need for my bobbin winder, but  a friend loaned me her winder so I could wind some bobbins to get started on it while I wait for them to arrive. I will need to quilt this new springy project to hang on display for a class, so I need to get the other finished. It is a new one in the Circle and Spin series and also for a future class.

 Love these days off work to quilt!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New project and spring break...

I stopped at Cut Up and Quilt and picked up some new fabrics for a spring runner project the other them and can't wait to start this morning! I have a few days off for spring break and since I cleaned last weekend, I think I can sew today. I have a quilt loaded and ready to be quilted also, but having problems with the bobbin winder, so it's on hold...arghhhhh...nothing is supposed to break when I want to quilt. I'm glad I have a new project to take my mind off it.

 I will be posting pics on Facebook as I work on this stop by!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Village finish!

It's always fun when quilters send me pictures of their finished projects from class. I got this over the weekend from Mary. She made a nighttime Happy Village I want to make one too! I love that she used lighter colors on the roofs in the front and darker as you look to the back of the village. Very interesting aspects to this one. She used a black tulle with sparkles on it to show snow.

Anne finished hers soon after class. It's a bit blurry, but you can see the project during class below. I've seen some other partially finished village pics so hope to see some more finished villages soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Busy week, a few pictures....

Jane's Sampler 22 Larkspur
I had a busy week of a Saturday UFO class and three nights of classes in a row, but not much to show for it in pictures. Sometimes the students spend their time cutting and don't sew in class as much. 
That Way, Sampler 22 Larkspur
 Veronica got her blocks finished for the Beginning Quilting class...they will put it together next month. The others in class had blocks finished, but I didn't get pictures for some reason...where's a photographer when I need one?
Veronica's More Peas in a Pod Beginning Quilting
We put Jane's Serenity quilt on the big design wall last Sat. and she sewed  the blocks into rows. I saw her Tuesday and she had the entire quilt sewn's gorgeous!
 Jane's Serenity
 Ruth worked on a Stack N Whack from a class I taught many years ago..she got most of her blocks finished, so can start putting them together.
Ruth's Magic Stack N Whack
 Pat also brought an oldie but goodie...her Tangled in the Kite Strings. I love string piecing and need to do some again for fun!
Pat's Tangled in the Kite Strings
I don't have a class scheduled today, so hope to get a quilt loaded on the frame and start quilting it. First, there is some cleaning calling my name...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Scrappy braid workshop

One of my sampler groups decided that they would like to make some smaller projects, so have been working on braids. It was more like a workshop because they each decided on what they were making, a runner, topper or small quilt. Then we figured from there. So lots of thinking and planning went into these. Last week they had their last class for this project and all were ready to quilt.
They all attempted machine quilting their last runner and are getting much braver!These small projects are good to practice on.

Binding on, ready to stitch down on the back.

Linda started a month after the others, so got this far in class. She wasn't happy with her borders, so took them off and tried again. It turned out much flatter the second time!  She came for the UFO Saturday and started machine quilting it, but I didn't get a picture. Hopefully she will bring it to the next session.
I think they might be addicted to braids now...time will tell!
One of my scrappy braid projects.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Poolside Tote #3 finished...

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I finished the Poolside Tote Wednesday after getting some necessary "chores" done. I had prepped it for my class last weekend and used to show sewing steps and hints throughout the class. Anna (Noodlehead) has a clever way to add a zipper pocket to the front that's easy and effective. I find many people have a phobia about putting in zippers, that they are too hard for the average sewer. The students in Saturday's class had no problems!

Very roomy inside. I didn't add the key fob to this one as I didn't have one on hand. I can always open up the seam and add it later. 

I wish I would've used the heavier interfacing for this bag like I did the previous ones. This is a heavier fabric so I didn't think I needed it and used the lighter weight. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up on its own well. It will still be useful and fun to carry!
Slip pocket on back.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shortcut at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo

 My Be Creative! Quilt Challenge quilt, Shortcut, will be at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Atlanta, GA this weekend as part of the Challenge exhibit. If you see it there, please take a picture of yourself with it and send to me at I would love to see it. The exhibit will travel to OSQE shows in  Lakeland, FL on March 17, Cleveland, OH on March 31, and Worchester, MA on April 7 as well.

You can see all of the quilts here and they will be featured in the April/May issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine, available on newstands soon.
This picture was taken from the other side of the quilt....I'm still not sure which end should be the top.

Poolside Tote demo...all ready to put together.

I'm off work today because of a built in snow day we didn't have to take, so have a few things I want to take care of...first on the list is picking up my new glasses. Even though my eyes hadn't changed much, the lens were getting pretty scratched, so it was less than ideal to look through. Then home to do some paperwork and maybe get a little sewing in. I'd like to get the class demo bag finished from last Saturday's class and work on the new Circle and Spin series quilt blocks a bit. We'll see how far I get!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fun Poolside Totes!

 I had a great time with some great ladies making the Poolside Tote by Noodlehead yesterday.

Marilyn has wanted to make bags for some time, but was worried about starting one on her own, so she was excited to begin. I offered an hour long cutting party the night before at the shop to get a head start. When I teach quilt piecing classes, we don't usually complete the project, so it's a matter of taking students through the steps to complete it on their own. With bags it's a little different, and it's nice when we can complete it. Yesterday, they worked hard and were finished except for top stitching the facing down. Whew! what a busy day!

Even though I do design patterns myself, I love to try new techniques as well to hone my skills and I really enjoy making new bag designs. So I like to share the experience with others! They loved her technique for inserting the zipper pocket detail that makes this bag so unique. I find that people are usually hesitant about zippers if they haven't sewn garments, so it's nice when it goes so well.
 Denise chose fabric from the new Eric Carle his books, art and the fabrics. She made a zipper pocket on the front and a slip pocket out ofher lining fabric for the back.
 Kathy used asian inspired prints she bought while on vacation for her bag. Her prints were double sided, so she had "extra" prints to choose from to make her bag unique. She made a zipper pocket for both sides.

Update: Denise and Kathy sent me pictures this afternoon...their bags are finished!



I made the top bag for the class model and the second bag out of the leftovers, adding the coral for the handles. I've been using the gray bag to take things back and forth to quilt classes and I love it. Even though I won't be using it poolside (sorry, don't want to get chlorine on it!) I will be using it a lot.

I started a new bag so I could demo some of the techniques in class. Since we had to cut and fuse interfacing on most of the pieces, it's nice to have them on the design wall for all to see and mentally check off as they finish them. I demoed the how-tos as they progressed.  I've had this blue floral for along time...not even sure when or where I got it. I'm using it for the front of the bag, with the green for the handles and the gray for the lining. Of course it didn't occur to me to take a picture of it in progress. Hopefully you'll see it soon as I finish it!