Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some catching up to do....

 When I went to CUAQ Therapy a few weeks ago at Cut Up and Quilt, Alice brought her Happy Villages quilt for show and tell. It turned out so pretty! I still want to make a night time version....

Two of the beginners with their finished quilts last month. They turned out beautiful and just had the hand stitching left to do. I made a new version of this quilt on retreat and will start a new Beginning Quilting class in the fall.
Just for fun, we are doing a little Double Four Patch stash-busting swap during Sampler one has to participate, but if they want to they will end up with an awesome scrappy quilt!
The Wednesday Fun Club will be making the Whatcha Got? Bag beginning in Sept. so I made up a new model for it recently. I gave away all of the ones I made last time! It was a good way for me to refresh in my mind the steps to making it too. I also started another one to use during class as a working model.

I made some Boxy Corner Pouches before I went on the retreat with my online friends, but didn't want to spoil the surprise by showing them. I cheated and used quilted fabric. I put a few goodies inside too. 

With some of the leftover fabric, I made this flat bag to carry some odd size rulers I have. It would also work to carry my pattern files to class. 

I've spent a lot of time working on class paperwork and sewing models over the past few weeks getting ready for fall classes. I need to step back from it for a bit and do some work around here. I want to paint the garage before I go back to school, so I'm going to start that today. Not sure how far I will get since I have to scrape too. I like to scrape some, paint it and then scrape some more so the scraping doesn't seem like such a big ordeal. I like to paint, just don't like to scrape. Who does?

I also need to "clean and pitch" a few areas around here, the back porch being first on the list. What a mess out there! And I walk through it every single day. Wish me luck!


Dee W said...

Ah yes, the clean and pitch. I too have been on a mission to get some done, but I had to clean the mother's house, and it consumed me for a while. I got the regular stuff done, but the other just kind of looks at me. And I'm making a baby quilt for the granddaughter's new baby (due in Oct.) and it's almost done. Then I won't be able to procrastinate on the other! Love the goodies, envious you got to go away to stitch.

Karen said...

I hear you about the clean and pitch! Working on my sewing room. How do things get like that so fast? You picked an awful day to start scrapping. Drink lots of water and take breaks. Hope it goes fast.