Sunday, September 11, 2016

Log Cabin Star class

I started my fall classes yesterday at Cut Up and Quilt with the Log Cabin Star Tabletopper by Marci Baker and Sara Nephew.  I was excited to see the fabric choices each quilter had chosen and I wasn't disappointed. Elsie chose batiks in warm and cool colors for her star. We worked on getting all of the logs cut precisely and a diamond  and one of each of the two triangles pieced so that they could take it home and have models of what needs to be done to finish the quilt.   
Elsie's Log Cabin Star

Denise decided to strip piece hers once she got her fall themed pieces cut, so she had all of her diamonds to this stage. We laid out the dark that will be next to the diamonds once the triangles are completed to get an idea of how it will look. 
Denise's Log Cabin Star

 Stacy chose soft batiks for her version. Love them  She was almost finished with her 2nd triangle.
Stacy's Log Cabin Star

 Dianne chose fall themed fabrics too ( all from her stash!) and was well on her way to finishing the diamonds using strip piecing techniques. She also got one of her triangles put together and started the 2nd. She is going to use yellows in place of the 2 oranges on the mirror image triangle, so that should add a bit of interest.
Dianne's Log Cabin Star

 Christine used fabrics from her stash as well for this vintage look. We talked about the fact that once the diamonds and triangles were finished, they could be reversed for a different look. So we played with Christine's blocks to get the idea of how that could work.  I forgot to take a picture of that, however. But these pictures show the triangles in their placement in the quilt, and how they are sewn to the diamond in the placement she chose to begin with. .
Christine's Log Cabin Star

It was a great class and they worked really hard to get as much finished as they did. They promised to send pictures of their finished tops to me so I can enjoy them. It's always fun to see the finished projects. This pattern is available at Cut Up and Quilt.

I have thoughts spinning in my head for a new project I'm dying to start, as well as a mystery project I need to get back to, but I need to focus on painting today. I got a little painting done last night after class and am going to head out soon to paint some more. I have a new Sampler Club beginning Tuesday night making the Circle and Spin quilt plus a Sampler 23 Club tomorrow night. I don't have time to get in trouble this week!

My Log Cabin Star


Karen said...

The finished quilts are going to be so striking. You're right about the color choices, amazing!

Carla said...

Wow! Those are pretty