Friday, February 9, 2007


I worked on my round robin blocks for Laura's quilt this past week. Her box is very springy and everyone who has made a block has gone with that theme. I chose a Butterfly block, the Weathervane, which swings back and forth in a spring breeze (looks like a flower to me also) & some 6" nine patches. Cindy made a block to represent a tablecloth for picnics, so my nine patches are the napkins. Everyone is being very creative in this box, what fun! Now I need to write the story. Jo started a story about the Round Robin Adventure , complete with evil Thread Wargs! In the story I am the princess, as the round robin was my idea. The story was to be continued, and some have written and some have not. I have written in each, continuing a story line Cindy had veered off in in the first box I got. She had involved her cat, so I have gotten all the cats involved in the quest to bring the round robin to it's successful end. It has been almost as much fun writing the story as it has been making the blocks. I will post some pix soon.

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