Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long time, no see....

 The Peas in a Pod class met again last Saturday and there were some nice tops started!
It is always fun to see how different they look using the same pattern.

I hope to get some quilting done this week, though I have all day class on Wed and Thurs. for school. I worked on the Cobblestone blocks yesterday for awhile, then went out to see my sister who was camping nearby. I also have a new Sampler to design and make....I have a lot of it figured out, now to get the fabrics picked out.

Hopefully I will be posting more again now that school is out for the summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Monday

It has been a busy week with Mother's Day, a death in the family and a nephew's graduation. I am trying to get the library ready to close at work too, so am weeding some old movies and books, as well as getting a start on inventorying them. So I spent a quiet Sunday sewing most of the day. I worked on the cobblestone blocks as well as a few other things for my daughter.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day and sewing

I received this for Mother's Day  from my daughter in Seattle yesterday. I love the color and it is a nice size too. She had sent me some little wallets for Christmas, and they match! Sorry, this pic insists on publishing sideways! So cute and I love it. It is so much fun getting goodies in the mail, isn't? I am getting together with my other 2 daughters tonight. One of them has to work all day Saturday & Sunday so this works out best. The other one and  I will go to Earling to see my mom Sunday.

I have been quilting the quilt I loaded Sunday. It is almost finished. I started putting some cobblestone blocks together the other night. Not sure of the total plan, but it will be simple. Just something fun to work on that I don't have to think too hard about. I need to start thinking about a new Sampler too, since those classes will restart in July.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quilting again

A few pix from class Saturday of some of those Petalicious Flowers.

I loaded a quilt on the machine Sunday so spent some time last night quilting. Felt good, haven't had much time for quilting lately. I then cut a bunch of strips out of batiks for a quilt I want to make. I think I am just making cobblestones, but not sure yet. It is going to be simple and fun to do, that much I do know.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family Fun

While my daughter and her husband were here from Seattle, we had to take them to the Pedestrian bridge. They haven't been here since it was built. My other daughter and her dogs came too. Here is my daughter who lives here and my son-in-law with a little attitude.

Here are my 2 daughters and SIL, and the dogs. It was a very windy, cloudy day, but we enjoyed our walk anyway.
Yesterday, my sister and her husband were here and so we walked the bridge with them. They were here last year, but usually come in the winter so not conducive to walking.  It was a much nicer day, see the sun?
We walked a little ways down the river and had a drink at a local restaurant and enjoyed the beautiful day. This is a sculpture next to the is titled " Labor".
Those men are 8' tall.

Then we came back to our house and grilled, my other daughter and boyfriend came also. It was a great time!

Today I loaded a quilt onto the frame, and hopefully will get a little quilted every day. I also went shopping for flowers, so am anxious to get them planted.