Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lots of quilting last week and a beautiful day ahead!

I had classes 3 nights last week, so the week flew by. Mon. and Tues. night were both Sampler #11 Classes and Thursday night the beginners learned how to make and sew on their binding, so they are officially finished...when they get it hand sewn down, that is! They are going to start a Sampler Class next month to learn some new techniques.

Yesterday was the second session of the Diamonds Forever class. Eileen had fun playing with her layout for a long time, asking advice we were all happy to give!

 If anyone has or has seen any of this multicolored paisley print, Diana needs more!
 Dianne's growing stack of diamonds!
 Betty sorting and making more...

Gail working away, with her very organized piles!
Diana's very bright diamonds mixed in with kitties!
They weren't all ready for the design wall so they promised they will bring them back!

After class I went shopping with a friend, then worked on another version of the Peas in a Pod quilt that I'm making.  Hope to finish it today.

No night classes this week, but I do have a book fair Thursday night at school. Should be fun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm trying, I really am!

But life sometimes gets away from me.
Busy week this week. The beginners got their tops finished, so we layered,  pinned and tied Thursday night. Next week is binding and these quilts are finished.
It's always interesting to see how the different fabric choices work up when making the same quilt.

These ladies are very proud of their quilts! One lady couldn't make it, so will post hers later.

We started the Diamonds Forever quilt yesterday....they got a lot done. We meet again next week so we should see some finished blocks at that point. It got so busy and chatty that I forgot to take progress pictures yesterday, but will definitely take some next week.

I need to clean today....have avoided it long enough! Also need to write a pattern. So we'll see how the day goes. Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday class

Saturday I taught the Central Park quilt (aka the Lava Lamp quilt) class to some quilters in Dunlap IA. Sort of my old stompin' grounds...I grew up about 8 miles from there so know the town well, or I used to anyway. They have a wonderful parish hall where they meet and sew with their guild.

I will be excited to see how these quilts turn out!

After class my folks & I went to a local park where my sisters were camping. Great time...great food...great bonfire...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

There were a few things I REALLY needed....

Now you know I would never buy anything at the quilt show unless I truly needed it. I found some MUCH NEEDED new pantos there, aren't they gorgeous?
 I especially like this one and am anxious to try it out.
I used some of my asian prints recently on a all are my witnesses...
 so it's ok to REPLACE those fabrics, right? Plus I have plans to make my youngest daughter a quilt using these prints.
 I did find this Eric Carle wallhanging too. You might remember the wall art and pillows I made using fabrics from this line. I wanted this too, and the shops where I got the others were out of it.

The vendor selling these had many "words" to use in wallhangings and quilts of all sizes. It will be fun to come up with something cute to make with this. 
Tonight the beginning quilters meet to finish their tops, so I might have some pictures soon. Saturday I am teaching the Lava Lamp Quilt (Central Park) class in Dunlap, IA, then heading to Earling to spend some time with family.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More AQS show pictures

Here are some more pictures from the AQS show in Des Moines on Saturday.
 This quilt was really interesting. The quilter had taken an old quilt (pink part) and added pieces around the edges to blend in and make new quilt blocks. She then appliqued the corn and the leaves around the bottom edges.
 I assume the old quilt was very used as the edges weren't all there. She took fine netting and covered the whole quilt with it, encasing the edges as well. See the dark spot about half way up on the right side? There just wasn't anything there but netting.
 It was just interesting what she had done. I wish I could remember the name of it!
This quilt is just fun and exciting to look at.
 The stones and doorway were do they do that?
 This quilt was made up of teeny tiny pieces of fabric with netting overlaid and then quilted. Gorgeous.
 I want to live here.

 These flowers look almost real, don't they? The flowers were just big pieces of fabric before the fiber artist put in the depth with many layers of thread. It is amazing what can be done...I would love to try this.
The background in this quilt was done using a colorwash method of piecing.
Loved the use of simple squares with amazing paperpieced circles and borders in this quilt.
I saw many more quilts, but sort of forgot to take any more pictures.It was an amazing day!
Tomorrow I'll show you what I got.

I got the back sewn together for the Cobblestone Path quilt last night and the scrappy binding is done as well. Now to get it quilted. Not tonight, though.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fabulous day with friends at the AQS show

We had so much fun yesterday, I don't know where to begin.
This was our view as we entered the arena. Our feet were still happy and our wallets full.
I really want to try one of these photo type quilts sometime. (As we walked through the show, we all said this over and over as we saw different types of quilts.) The depth and realistic qualities of this one boggled the mind.
In this quilt, you were focused on the eagle. The artist did some painstaking work making the eagle and the nest a 3D part of the quilt.

The quilting around the eagle and throughout the quilt was interesting too.
Denise is getting a close up look at the quilting on this beauty, which won this quilter a blue ribbon. Seriously, humans actually do this work?
Another beautiful and interesting use of colors, and quilting. Love how the waves are quilted in. The vision and imagination that goes into making these quilts is mind-boggling.
We found this Eleanor paddle in the Quilt in a Day booth. Not sure what you might use this for, maybe at an auction? Or just for fun photo ops?
We turned around and there was the real queen of quilting, Eleanor Burns,  signing books and chatting with people. She graciously let me take a picture.
This quilt was impressive also...that's Rose examining it. I didn't notice this yesterday, but after seeing the picture, I think the pattern for this quilt, or at least the center, was in a magazine last year. I remember the curvy flying geese ribbon.  It also won a ribbon. Ribbon or no ribbon, each quilt was glorious in it's own way.

Here we are...with tired feet, full bags and lots of inspiration for future quilting projects...ready to hit the road back home. What a great day!
I will post more pics later and take some pictures of my purchases.